Data Cleansing Tools is dedicated to providing reviews and the best quality information on data quality software tools designed to help users make a decision on their data cleansing and record linkage software needs. We provide reviews, pricing information, and details on various features of data cleansing software tools.

Our goal is to provide business and IT users the ability to make a sound decision on data quality matters. Maintaining high data integrity is critical for companies of all sizes — from master data management and data integration to basic tasks such as data cleansing and record linkage are all important for healthy data quality.

One of the major factors considered by many potential purchasers of data cleansing tools software is pricing. Comparing the prices of these often expensive software tools, it is important to note that the large companies selling these programs provide a large amount of complex information for the potential purchaser. The pricing complexity creates an obstacle for the user, therefore making it difficult to make a sound purchasing decision.

In addition, Data Cleansing Tools considers a few other factors when assessing other data quality software companies:

  • Ease of Use
  • Match Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Training/Implementation Time