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Data Cleansing Tools is dedicated to providing reviews and the best quality information on data quality software tools designed to help users make a decision on their data cleansing and record linkage software needs. We provide reviews, pricing information, and details on various features of data cleansing software tools.

Our goal is to provide business and IT users the ability to make a sound decision on data quality matters. Maintaining high data integrity is critical for companies of all sizes — from master data management and data integration to basic tasks such as data cleansing and record linkage are all important for healthy data quality.

One of the major factors considered by many potential purchasers of cleansing software is pricing. Comparing the prices of these often expensive software tools, it is important to note that the large companies selling these programs provide a large amount of complex information for the potential purchaser. The pricing complexity creates an obstacle for the user, therefore making it difficult to make a sound purchasing decision.

Factors we consider when assessing other data quality software companies

  • Ease of Use
  • Match Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Training/Implementation Time


Latest Reviews

Our authors have released some new reviews

Data Ladder

Data Ladder software review: Data Ladder is a data quality software company that makes data quality tools affordable and really easy to use. Their data cleansing specialists are very knowledgeable and walk you through the process of getting data sorted and matched. They always seem to be evolving and updating their software to meet the […]

SAS Data Management

SAS Data Management review: This industry-leading solution has a very long learning cycle for beginners. Their solutions are suited for more intermediate users who are familiar with the data quality tools and how they work. SAS Data Management pricing is in the 6-7 figure range; there are multiple high-end line items on their pricing grids. If […]

IBM InfoSphere QualityStage

IBM Infosphere Review: IBM Infosphere is an enterprise level software solution for those who can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their data quality tools. Many Fortune 500 companies use their warehousing and data governance solutions, along with data profiling, standardization, and enrichment services. Their clients are able to see a nearly 300% […]

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